Medical Home

A member of our staff will contact a doctor that has agreed to offer their services to our program and schedule your first doctor's appointment. You will be able to continue seeing this physician for your medical needs.

Case Management

Case managers will assist your primary care physician with disease management, education and follow-up. The case manager will help you to coordinate your care and access other services as needed. This individual will work with other community-based health and social service organizations to ensure that you receive necessary services for the best health outcomes possible.

Prescription Medications

By working with other community organizations, Cumberland HealthNET (CHN) strives to ensure that you receive the required medications to manage your illness.

Mental Health

For individuals diagnosed with a mental illness or with noted mental health needs, CHN works with Cumberland County Mental Health to ensure that individuals receive the appropriate care and treatment.

Life Skills

CHN will assist with those skills and practices that will allow you to receive maximum health benefits and function as fully as possible. Life skills include communication, self-awareness, healthy living habits, money management, employment, stress management and emotional well-being.

Nutrition & Patient Education

Nutrition and patient education consists of conversations and classes that inform you about nutrition, your health and disease processes. It involves learning information about nutrition and how it affects your health.

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Whether you are uninsured and in need of access to health care, a medical professional who would like to donate services, a healthcare organization that would like to participate, or a community member who can volunteer or provide financial support -- Cumberland HealthNET is the place for you.